Lorex Wireless Best Video Baby Monitors LW2451 Reviews

OK guys here is another great Video Baby Monitor.  It is probably not my favorite one personally but it actually works pretty great.  I actually prefer either between the Infant Optics and the MPB36 Motorola.  Our site actually reviews them both.  With the Lorex Baby Monitor you can activate everything with the touch of a finger.  Many of the consumers we surveyed used the Lorex with SKYPE.  It also has a great monitor that rotates to view the entire surface of a room.   Withe The Lorex you can also record usign audio and video with the touch of a button.  The Lorex  is loaded with features and it is perfect for a keeping an eye on your little one.  It also has crystal clear night vision and it doesnt run the risk of waking your child up unlike some other baby monitors out there.  Now for the best part, we actually found where you can get the Lorex for 50% off, feel free to check it out through this link here.  Please review the video below if you want a review of the actual in action features of the Lorex Video Baby Monitor.



  • 20ft. IR Night Vision
  • Local recording and playback of 1 digicam at a time
  • Selectable sensitivity for sound activated recording and alerts
  • Secure, interference-free digital signal
  • 4-Way controller permits you to pan (240) and tilt (130) incorporated digicam;3.5 inch LCD


  • Your looking for a baby monitor that is very affordable and easy to use
  • Your looking for a piece of mind


  • Has the best Night Vision out of all Video Baby Monitors
  • Battery Life is Amazing
  • Screen Clarity
  • Able to use with your computer
  • Has the ability to record and save
  • Can add cameras to it
  • Can get it for 198$ off, you can check it out through this link here


  • No zoom features, Baby Monitors like the Infant Optics and Motorola MBP36 has these features
  • Moving through menus makes beeping noise and may wake up your child


Well this one was tough for us.  It is without a doubt that the Lorex Video Baby Monitor is a very efficient monitor and it really has the best night vision of any other video monitor.  Our favorite feature was in fact that you can use it with Skype and it is compataible with your computer.  One other feature we loved was the record video and audio feature.  Now we personally would not recommend this over Video baby Monitors like the Infant Optics and the Motorola MPB36.  The only reason we would recommend this product is because we found out where you can get it for 50% of its original price.  You can see if the sale still remains through this link here. 


So much more than a “baby” monitor!!!

By: Gadgetgal VINE VOICE
I don’t even have a baby — what I do have is a teen and a tween. I also have a finished basement where my kids hang out and I like to monitor what goes on down there. I can clearly hear and view from 3 floors up! The clarity is superb, the features are great. As the description states, you can hook this up to skype so you can even see what’s going on if you are not even home. So when my teen is babysitting, I can see what’s going on from my iphone via skype! How cool is that?! There is also a “talk” button so if you choose, you can use it as an intercom system. I have been playing around with it and so far, I’m super impressed with what this can do. If you have any place in your home you want to monitor, this is the item. This is not……….READ FULL REVIEW HERE

Feature Rich Baby Monitor,

By: B. Woodworth “lots-o-gadgets, no $”
This review is from: Lorex Wireless Video Monitor LW2451 (Electronics)

The LW2451 unit just arrived this afternoon, but since there are no reviews as of yet, I thought I would post one so people would have some initial idea of how the system performs.

The setup only took a few minutes. It started beeping right away. It turns out that it was the alert that the child is making noise. The loudness of that alert is configurable. It stopped once I stopped touching the camera.

The camera is small, about 4 inches tall. It pans and tilts, no zoom. The resolution of the image seems fine. I did see some noticeable color shifts (hue). I will try it again in daylight and see if that is still true. Given how far it tilts, it strikes me that it would work well with a wall mount (bracket not included.) I placed it on a tall dresser right next to the bed. Because of that, and my unwillingness to move the bed or dresser, I had to put a small box under the rear to get the 20 degrees I needed. Someone setting it on a lower table or one just a little further from the bed would not have any issue at all getting a full view of the crib/bed. The camera has an on/off switch, volume for two-way talk and a sensitivity control for how loud the child must be to set off alerts on the monitor. The IR LEDs are visible as very dim red lights. My daughter noticed it, but it did not keep her up. They are barely visible.

The monitor is a convenient size, about the size of a smart phone. It has dedicated volume buttons. Button placement seems well thought out. There is a mini-joystick for pan/tilt/menu nav, press to accept. The power adapter can be plugged into the cradle or the monitor directly, which appeals to me. There is a great deal of leeway when setting it in the cradle… Placement doe not have to be exact for it to charge. There is a stand so the monitor can sit upright without……….READ FULL REVIEW HERE

Near perfect, sure to please the average parent

By: H. Erickson-Sander “Heather”
This review is from: Lorex Wireless Video Home Monitor with 2 Cameras (LW242B) (Electronics)

I like that they market these newer video monitors as “home monitors” rather than just baby monitors, because it’s true–they’re great for ALL households, not just for new parents!

We have two little ones, about 2 and 4, so while I don’t feel the need to monitor them during naps as much anymore, having a little video monitor like this is WONDERFUL. And I can see us using it daily for many years, as long as it keeps working that long! It’s great to be able to work on dinner in the kitchen while my girls play across the house and I can STILL keep a close eye on them. If we think we hear them at night, we can easily check on them via the video monitors to see if they are awake and need something without risking going in and waking them up if it was just a false alarm. Plus, I can scold and break up (most) fights while still cooking or cleaning. Not that children should go completely ignored because of a video monitor, but it’s a luxury you don’t understand until you’ve used one of these video monitors! Both you and your children have more freedom AND safety in their own home.

This Lorex home monitor is very nice and works great for us. Setup was extremely easy, we were up and running within a couple minutes! I like that the monitor charges on it’s base, but you can pick it up and take it with you at any time, it won’t shut off. You can set the two cameras up to sequence, or display their images side-by-side constantly. Or, you can just chose to show any one camera at any given time and turn off the sequencing. I read that you can add up to 4 cameras with this monitor, and I’m thinking we might just have to add one or two! Although our house is small, this home monitor can also serve for home security purposes, not just keeping an eye on kids.

One of the cameras that comes with this set is stationary, but the other one can tilt and rotate, which is really nice. You can purchase additional cameras of either type to go with your monitor. I also really love that it came with a little SD card, and I’ve already recorded a few cute videos of my girls playing, unaware they were being watched. What a great feature. Other nice features include a temperature display, this is really nice for us because we have an old house and live in a cold winter state, I love being able to check the temperature of my girls rooms at night. Also, there is a……….READ FULL REVIEW HERE